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Some of the Tasks to Perform on your Garden During Winter.

We spend much of our time ion doors during winter. Majority of the people do not see the need of carrying out any outdoor activity. Most people show concern for their gardens only during the warmer months. The harsh winter conditions are capable of harming your environment. You will be able to protect your garden from the cold weather conditions of winter. Also, you will have less to do during the warmer seasons. Unlike winter, the warmer months are characterized by very many outdoor activities. A lot is also done on the gardens. What you do during winter determines the workload you will have during the warmer months.

One of the winter tasks you can do is to look after your lawn. Looking after your lawn means that you remove any weed that is there. When you do this; there will be no heavy infestation by the weed during the new year. The lawn is usually filled with heavy frost or snow. To avoid causing harm to the grass beneath the heavy snow. One should avoid walking on the lawn. There are some winter seasons which are mild. Cutting the lawn is encouraged when winter is mild. It is, however, important to remember to raise the height of the blades of the mower. This helps in reducing the hassles of garden preparation during spring.

You should also take it upon yourself to take care of your entertainment area. There are fewer outdoor activities during winter. Leaving some of the items you use for your outdoor entertainment on the outside might not be a good idea. To guarantee the protection of these items, you should move them inside the house. One can also use the pressure washer to rinse their decks. You should also feed the birds. There is an importance in feeding the birds. During this time, the birds have less time to fetch for themselves. Provide them also with water. One may also treat the local birds with some berries and nuts.

You can also plant some berries. There are very many species of berries that one can plant. Examples are holly, mistletoe, and hawthorn. When the berries grow, more birds will be attracted to you garden. This will make your garden the favorite spot for the local birds.

Lastly, you should see your favorite plant through winter. One way of doing this by putting them in containers which should again be raised. One can also use bubble wrap or an old fleece to protect the plant from cold. You can later allow proper air circulation after the offset of winter by removing the wrap.